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10 CRUEL laws of Love According To Psychology That Should Be Never Ignored

A relationship doesn’t remain same throughout the time, it changes with time. Some people handle it but other can’t handle the change and ruin their relationship. Because when you spend a long period of time with someone then there are chances of more changes in that relationship and some of the changes are scary. There are many stages of love and you have to manage to survive in each stage. So here we have compiled 10 love laws that will make you understand that it’s normal to have them. Every couple goes through these stages.


Trust is fragile.


Trust is the first base of any relationship and it has to be solid no matter what. But it is fragile that it can be broken very easily between a couple or spouses. The feeling of trust being broken is very dangerous.

Bored together sometimes.


It is not possible that you will never get bored, it exists only in dreams and fantasy movies where a couple does everything together. Everyone wants to have a little change in their life rather than spending their evening with their spouse. You will have fun by resting separately.

Your sides might be different sometimes.


Even a couple takes all decisions together and deciding everything with mutual cooperation but there comes a new stage where they will oppose each other. So no need to worry about it. Just try to keep calm no matter what and find a way to solve the situation.

Marriage and children are a challenge.

Most people believe that marriage will make their relationship more strong or if they have children then the gap between them will be filled but that’s absolutely wrong. Marriage and children are not a decision and they are a tough test that you both have to pass. What means to be a good partner or a parent, you will learn it with time.

You won’t be attracted to each other forever.


In the start of the relationship, couples are crazy about each other but that wild passion will fade away with time and your love will come towards a smooth path. So never think that you guys are not meant to be together. Just be calm and fix your relationship.

Lonely feeling sometimes.


There comes a stage in a relationship or marriage where one of the partners will feel lonely and they might that no one cares about them or their feelings. So its normal to have these feeling, these thoughts can come to anyone’s mind.

You will have weird thoughts.


Thoughts like, ‘I am marrying the right guy’? or ‘Should I get a divorce?’ may come to even the happiest couples mind. Usually, when they are alone, they think about these thoughts. So not to worry about such thoughts.

The connection becomes weak after some time.


When you are in love, especially at the beginning you will feel like that you only belong to that person, your heart is just connected to that person. And after some time that connection seems to disappear so no need to worry. It’s just a feeling that goes away with time.

Hurting each other.


The person you love the most will hurt you more than every other person. It’s not that they will do that intentionally, it’s just that their small words will hurt you like hell. So it is normal to hurt each other when you are in love.

Love needs understanding to survive.



Love is an action, not a feeling only so to make it survive you have to work with your partner on your relationship. It can not be done alone, both have to work hard to have a healthy and happy life.

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