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13 Craziest MIND BLOWING Facts

Scientists have made many discoveries till now, They have found out things which were unknown and shocking to the human brain. However, there are still many things that we need to learn to understand the world.
We have decided to share a list of facts, which will not only give you information but will also be fun to know about.
Let’s kill the curiosity Shall we?


Here is weird fact: We start to lose height about 1 cm per year as soon as we reach our 30th birthday. Compression of intervertebral discs and dehydration is the reason behind this process.


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It’s for all girls, a guy who has bigger belly tends to be a good boyfriend or husband claim by researchers. The reason behind this fact is that men who have more weight always make time for their partner no matter what. They are confident about their appearance and have high self-esteem.

You will be shocked to know the chainsaw, one of the most popular tools used in the film “Saw” to torture people, was first originally used to help in childbirth. I know this sound absurd but that is true.


The cute sea otters hold each other’s hand while they sleep so that they don’t drift apart and stay together, I found that sweet!

Opossums play dead when they face any sort of threatening situation. Trust me, they act so real that they literally look dead.They close their half eyes, form a saliva foam around their mouth and secrete a smelly fluid from their anal glands.When they feel they are saved, they come back to life!

In Korea, the time spent in mommy’s belly also counts. Koreans consider everyone to be one year old at birth (counting those nine months in the womb).

Instead of sugar people stirred into the tea in some region of China.

In the 70, beer is given to Belgium children as it considered as a healthy beverage as compared to soft drinks and parents believe that it will help to grow quickly. It was also recommended for pregnant woman and mother who breastfeed their babies.


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The punishment of Brazil prisoner can be shortened if they read more books. 48 days of the year can be decreased when they read 12 works of literature.


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The look of your dimple and you chin dimple is the result of genetic mutations and the reproductive cells of your father and mother determine the look of your chin.

Did you know that when a person is asked to write with a new name, 97% of all people write their own name?


                                                                © depositphotos

You will asleep faster and your sleep will be less disturbed when you listen to music before bed at night. It will make you feel refreshed in the morning as well.

                                                             © depositphotos

Do you know that to stop the birds from sitting on the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square, they charged the statue with a small electric current? Weird! Isn’t it?


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