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15+ Photos That Reveals The Harsh Truth Of The Society Will Make You Feel Sad

Basically, a society is a group of people where they are constantly involved in a social interaction or living in the same area. Living together in peace, harmony and love is an ideal thing to do but we are going in a totally opposite direction. The reality of the world is posed by a famous cartoonist from Poland named Paweł Kuczyński. He clearly shows us through his illustrations that what’s going around in the world and gain popularity. His drawing style is quite unique as compared to any other artist. His work reflects the world’s essence.

He told that he goes too deep with his idea and carefully shows that in every illustration and trying hard to show the real meaning behind his idea. So here we have gathered few drawings from Kuczyński’s work and trust me these are the best on from his work. These drawings are thought-provoking and also there is subtle humour in them. Let’s have look at these drawings.

Humans really have double standards.It’s not fair to other animals.

That’s exactly what politicians do before elections. Give the audience what they want, and they follow them like blind.

Social media has isolated us.

Who thought wedding could also be a sad thing!

A pianist or what?

True nature of a dictator.

That’s how they are spending their money.

They are even playing with soldiers as well.

Poverty! The sad truth of the society.

Christmas! A joyous occasion.

Not everyone childhood is same.

Even vulture made peace with the dove.

This is not real education, just wasting money and time.

Is it really a revolution?

This addiction can become the reason for your death.

Politicians promises are just sh** and that’s where it’s going.

Time is passing too fast.

Yeah, that is political correctness.

Is this really social division?


The reality of our high society people.


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