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15 World Facts That Are Hard To Believe To Be True

Everyone is surprised when they find something unusual, new or something that they are not expecting at all. But there are many things in the world that we don’t even notice and let me tell you that these things are quite interesting. So we have compiled few weird facts that I guarantee you didn’t know before. Let’s have a look at these and enjoy them.

After many years of ceramics invention, the blue coloured eye people appear.

Do you know why a paper cut is more painful than regular cut? The reason is that because nerves endings remain open due to little blood or no blood at all.

It is a weird thing that a bee can sting another bee. Like if an intruder tries to invade a hive then special guardian bees release pheromones and other bees attack the person who tries to get inside the hive.

Here comes another strange one, do you know that closest descendant of Tyrannosaurus Rex that still lives today as a chicken?

Do you know that the amount of hair on the body influences intelligence? Yes, it is true and also proved by an American psychologist in his research. Means if you have more hair on your body then you are an intelligent person.

                                                        © depositphotos

Cano Cristales is a multicoloured river that is located in Colombia. Its water has five different colours: red, yellow, green, blue, and black and it is famous. What a unique piece of nature.


So, what Joey Tribbiani said was true! Women also have Adam’s apple but they are not very prominent.

Do you know that the Chinese can’t drink milk? Strange Isn’t it?

You might know this one, pigeons “head-bob” when walking. They do this to stabilize the picture they see.


According to researchers and statistics, the amount of people who can feel pain when seeing someone else in pain is 1.6%.

This one might sound weird! Do you know that when a patient gets a kidney transplant from another person than their own kidneys remains at the same place?


It sounds funny but in Norway, there is a king penguin has an army rank. He is always happy to see them and the penguin always recognize them told by guardsmen.

You cannot keep only one one guinea pig as a pet in Switzerland. It is their law.

There is a phenomenon called as superfecundation in which twins have different fathers. Total there are only ten pairs of twins till now who have different fathers.

                                                               © deleted/imgur

God! these crabs look like the devil. Well, these types of crabs with scary pattern exists in Japan. They also have an angry face pattern.


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