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20 Amazing Illustrations That Shows How Blessed Our Life Is

Life is beautiful and it is full of bright colours. There are ups and downs in life but still, there are so many things in life that make you happy and will make you praise the beauty of life. There are unforgettable memories. We become so busy in our daily routines that we forget about these wonderful moments of life.
Pascal Campion is a gifted illustrator who put a spotlight on the pleasures of our day to day life. The real meaning of cherishing and enjoy each passing moment. We are here to present the beauty of life through these amazing illustrations.

Start your new day with a feeling of joy.

An amazing feeling when you share your breakfast with your loved one.

What a wonderful feeling, when kids wake you up on the weekends!

A great laugh with family is the most joyful moment for everyone.

Dancing and singing in the rain together.

The never-ending surprises from out-of-the-blue by your loved ones.

A present that is made from love and care is the best present in the whole world.


So much lost in the book that you even miss your bus stop.

That feeling when taking a break from domestic chores and sit down to see the photo album.

Watching your favourite with your cat and a cosy night.

Listening to your favourite song and singing loudly like you don’t care if anyone is listening.

And when your daughter becomes your hairstylist! Mother-daughter bonding time.

Seeing a shooting star and making a wish.

That time when relaxing in your bath and all the stress just go away.

What a wonderful feeling, watching your baby go to sleep.

Drinking a hot cup of tea and enjoying your alone time.

When you just sit down to relax and take a timeout from the busy life.

Just enjoying the air and looking around.

True happiness is the time spend with your loved ones.

Life is beautiful and it is the biggest truth!

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