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20 Horrifying And Astonishing Pictures of World War 2

World War 2 is the bloodiest conflict in the human history. Some of the pictures taken during this conflict tells story of their own.


Bodies of German soldiers lying in the street gutter of France.


WW 2 In color

Hungry French civilian taking anything they could from a cow slaughtered by Allied troops.

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A Muslim woman is protecting a Jewish woman by covering her Star of David.


WW 2 in Color

A victim of Nazi soldiers brutally killed. He was one of the 150 prisoners who was burned to death by Nazi soldiers.


Bodies of German soldiers lie in a town which was destroyed during the second army breakthrough.

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British soldiers burnt during D day but they haven’t given up and cheering themselves with smoking.

AR gunners

German civilians in the middle of their town, which was ruined by Allied forces bombing.

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Vinnitsa’s last Jewish picture before his execution.

WW 2 In color

Picture of a baby being left alive after the Japanese bombing of Shanghai south station China.

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US Marines drinking coffee after 2 days of brutal fighting at Eniwetok Atol.

WW 2 in color

Photo of a French man who collaborated with Germans. The Photo was taken in the moment bullet from the French firing squad hit the person.

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A picture of French resistance member Georges Blind, Who was smiling at German firing squad right before his death.

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A picture of German soldier captured right before he was shot and killed. The moment of death was captured on film as he fell to the ground.

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The earliest photograph of nuclear bomb explosion taken from the ground that was detonated over Nagasaki. The photo is believed to be taken nearly 15 minutes after the explosion.

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Photo of Austrian women who committed suicide after the reach of Red Army

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A lone soldier surrounded by empty shell cases that were rained down on the western front, which shows the destruction that, took place in the war.

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Two Soviet soldiers who froze to death in a foxhole.

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Pile of bodies that awaited the cremation after the bombing of Dresden in the year 1945 shows the death toll of World War 2.

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The milkman who was determined to do his duty even after the German bombing of London in 1940 left the city in ruins.

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A Liberated Jewish man holds a Nazi soldier at Gunpoint show that tide could be turned.


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