24 Times Celebs Wore The Same Outfit, And People Can’t Decide Who Looked Great

The question is inevitable! Once two people are seen twinning in the same outfit, whether intentional or not, people can’t help but ask themselves who’s rocking the outfit best. This awkward encounter can happen to anyone, and even celebrities are no exception. Copying other’s styles is now more a trend than an embarrassing situation.

And you certainly will agree after seeing our list. From head-turning gowns to glamorous ensembles, each of these celebrities collated below has their affinity with their looks, whether it is their love towards high fashion or perhaps respect towards the designer or model. That being said, take a look at this side-by-side comparison of celebrities wearing the same outfit and help decide who wore it best once and for all?

Kendall Jenner And Jennifer Garner In A Glam Black Ensemble By Michael Kors.

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