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6 Alarming Symptoms Of Anal Cancer That You Shouldn’t Never Be Ignored

Most of the people won’t feel comfortable talking about their personal problems with the doctor. They feel embarrassed to discuss that topic. There is a rare and unusual cancer type known as anal cancer is one of those discussions. Cancer is a fatal disease and no one wants to have it but it does happen to some people and ruin their lives. But discussion related to this topic is important to happen. You will die with pain if you didn’t discuss it with your doctor.


There are few signs of this cancer that you shouldn’t ignore but before we talk about these signs let me tell you what causes anal cancer. When your healthy and normal cells turn into abnormal ones because of genetic mutation then this cause anal cancer. The healthy cells grow and die at the set rate. And an abnormal cell doesn’t have a set rate and they can’t control that means they can never die.


And let me warn you that it didn’t stop until it wakes every sleeping cell in the body. When they become active they will start invading the nearer tissues and spreads throughout the body by separating them from a mass tumour. Sexual intercourse is the main risk factor for this cancer. It will also increase the chances of HIV as well.


Pain In the Anus:


Pain in the anus can also mean that you have haemorrhoids in most of the cases but don’t take it lightly it can be an early sign of anal cancer. The pain will be mild but stays all the time. If you don’t visit your doctor on time then it will become unbearable and cancer will spread throughout your body.

Itchy Anus:


Itchy anus could also mean that you have rashes or some other hygiene problem but it can e a sign of anal cancer as well. So if feel itchiness then doesn’t scratch it and visit a doctor for better treatment.

Anal Bleeding:


It is the most important sign of anal cancer, most of the people think that bleeding is being caused haemorrhoids but it might be possible that you have anal cancer. So don’t assume yourself and consult a doctor for better treatment.

Discharge From the Anus:


You may experience mucus discharge if you have anal cancer but there are different types of discharges from that anus. If you notice mucus around your stool then it can be a sign of cancer. See your doctor immediately and find out the problem.

A Lump Outside the Anus:


If there is a lump outside that anus part and started to increase then there are chances that it might be a tumour. You will also feel unbearable pain when the lump started to grow

Unusual Bowel Movements:


The signs of anal cancer are similar to other infections and diseases. If there is any bowel movement then don’t take it lightly and visit your doctor as soon as possible. Because it can be an early symptom of anal cancer.


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