8 Reasons Why We Look Younger Than Our Parents at the Same Age

Look at your graduation album and the photos of your parents when they were high-school students. Why do they look adult and serious at that age, while you still look young and fresh? There are a bunch of logical explanations for this and it’s true that humankind really looks younger year-by-year.

Biological aging slows down.

“I found a picture of me & my mom at the same age.”

It’s not only the concept of aging that has changed: 150-200 years ago a 50-year-old person was considered old and today they are called middle-aged. Have you noticed that some people already have gray hair and little wrinkles around the age of 30, while others still look like school kids at the same age? It’s all because every person has their own biological clock, that rarely coincides with their real age. American researchers have come to the conclusion that biological aging in recent years has been happening more slowly, which is why subsequent generations stay younger looking longer.

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