8 Reasons Why We Look Younger Than Our Parents at the Same Age

We have more opportunities to have fun.

Just like laughs, positive emotions really prolong our life and even help us to cope with illnesses. Moreover, people with a positive outlook are less prone to stress, which, like any other illness, makes us age and adds more wrinkles.

Today’s youth has a huge amount of sources for joy, like traveling around the world, doing a job they like (and not what they just managed to get), realizing their creative potential, communicating and making friends with people from different corners of the planet. Now there are many more ways to spend free time — it’s not just about walking and dancing but also kart racing, quest games, and even hot air ballooning. New generations seek to know the world and rejoice, which means they retain the sharpness and clarity of their minds for longer. This reflects in their appearance as well.

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