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8 Smartphone Hacks That Can Act As A Spy For You

As the time passes, digital technology becomes more advanced and almost has taken over all world. With your smartphones, you can order food at home by a different app or also find the symptoms of diseases as well. But still, there is a lot of these smartphones that you didn’t know. You should know how to get the maximum use of your device.

So for your ease and help, we have made a list of spy tricks that your smartphone can perform.

Remote desktop control

To have fun, you have to install this app on the computer of the person you want to spy and also on your smartphone as well. Now their desktop is under your control and you keep an eye on them, that what’s they are up to. Isn’t it amazing?

Wave control

You can show-off as a magic trick with this spy function of your smartphone. It is an app that will catch your attention. Do you know that you can unlock your device or even answer the calls without touching your smartphone? Trust me, it’s not a joke. It is also available in the Android version as well. You just have to wave your hand at the screen and see the magic.

Surf incognito

                                                                    © vpnpick

If you want to protect your IP address and doesn’t want anyone to track it down while you are surfing on the internet then all you have to is, install a free VPN app in your smartphone. It will guarantee safety so feel free to browse the Web. No one can track it back.

Don’t touch my phone

There is an alarm mode on your smartphone with an app. So don’t be afraid to leave it anywhere. Because whenever someone tries to touch your phone or go through your stuff, the alarm will start and go crazy. Other people will be frightened by the noise.

Second number

                                                                © getapp

Having a second phone number, the idea to buy a new sim for that comes into our mind but let me tell you there is no need to buy another sim for the second number. there is an app that adds a second number without any technical investigation about the devices. You can make or receives calls with that number too.

Night vision

                                              © Night Eyes/

A night vision app is already available that turns the camera on your phone into a night vision goggle. The difference between both cameras is just amazing. It is a perfect thing for people who want to spy someone at night.

Inconspicuous paparazzi

                                                                 © pexels

By using the volumes buttons of smartphones you can click pictures as well. But let me tell one thing that the same thing happened by using the headphones. classic wired headphones with physical buttons can be used with iOS.

Video surveillance

                                                                           © trackview

Do you know that your smartphone can also work as surveillance camera? You can set up the video and audio as well, it will notify you before it starts streaming the video. So it is an amazing idea to buy these a cheap off-contract phone because it doesn’t die by plugging it in.

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