8-year-old breaks down in tears getting his own bed after years of being homeless

Often we do not realize how blessed we are. Even things that might seem as insignificant as a warm bed to sleep in every night is someone’s entire dream!

This 8-year-old could not be happier at having his own bed, and his gratefulness for such a small luxury is something we should always remember.

8-year-old Daeyr Neely has seen a lot of tough days in such a short life. The little boy from Detroit recently made waves after his reaction to finding out he has a bed of his own went viral!

When Daeyr was two years old, his mother lost her job and subsequently also lost their home. After this, all the little boy knew was uncertainty and homelessness. The family struggled and finally moved into a shelter home with the intention of receiving help from the government to secure housing for them.

Moving into the shelter was a rough transition for the family, especially for little Daeyr. “He started to have a little trouble in school, once we moved to the shelter. But I explained to him that we had to do this in order to get our own home,” his mother recalls.

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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