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9 Beauty Secrets To Have A Glowing and Healthier Skin

Everyone wants to have a clean and glowing skin, whenever we visit a dermatologist we always want to know all their secrets that will make our glowing and healthy. People are always keen to know which skin mask is best for our skin, which cream make us fairer etc. We have gathered few tips that were shared by dermatologists for a healthier skin.


Correct posture


Do you know that there is a posture that can give you a glowy skin? All you have to do is bend your head makes your blood flow better. It also provides the sufficient amount of oxygen that make your skin glow. Yoga also helps to reduce the inflammatory processes and make you feel relaxed.


Always try to use a silk pillowcase because these can influence your skin and wrinkles can appear on your skin. Silk pillowcase slides smoothly and not damage your skin.

Total care is important


Don’t use only one cream or moisturizer, always take a proper care of skin with all important products like sunscreen and antioxidants should be used in the morning. Creams that include vitamin A, helps to prevent wrinkles and pigment spots, they should be used at night.

Fall protection


Use a thicker cream during the fall season and try to avoid gels. The cream should also contain vitamins C and E, ceramides, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. Toughened skin layer can be peel off by the organic oils such as apricot, olive, mango, shea butter in summer.

Coconut milk


Coconut works like a magic for a skin. You should drink coconut milk on daily basis for a glowing skin. You will notice a clear difference just after few weeks. You can also use coconut maks recipes as well.

Proper cleaning


For healthy skin, proper and careful cleaning is important. Aggressive beauty products damage the skin so always try to use the products with ceramides (rich substances) that will help to moisturize the skin cells as well. Avoid using products that include acids and spirits.

Amount of Cream


‘More is better’, this rule is applied by dermatologist whenever using any cream for ageing or sunscreen. A half teaspoon is enough for your skin.

Thermal water for dry skin


Thermal water is best for dry skin and it is also recommended by dermatologists. This water contains copper, calcium, iron, and sodium. It protects the skin from UV rays because it also includes selenium in it.

Less is better


As the time passes, the benefits from the products will go away because active substances are no longer “magic”. So always use smaller jars to make any substance.

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