Amber Heard Recalls The First Time Johnny Depp ‘Hit’ Her And Did A ‘Cavity Search’ On Her

“This must be a joke because I didn’t know what was going on.”

Amber Heard took the stand for the defamation lawsuit as she shared in detail how she’s been abused by Johnny Depp from being slapped multiple times to having a “cavity search” done on her.

Heard’s defense team has argued that Heard never revealed anyone’s name in her op-ed for Washington Post, but Depp’s defense team claimed that the actor had lost a total of $40 million, including a $20 million deal with Disney for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6.’

Depp denies ever laying a hand on a woman ever and pointed his hand at Heard for being the abusive one.

Heard shared how she was slapped for the first time ever in their relationship in 2012. It was before they got married and she recalled they were having a drink with a “jar of cocaine” that was on the table. Heard, who noticed his tattoo on his forearm, asked what it says as she couldn’t really see the “muddled” tattoo.

Depp said “Wino” which Heard laughed at because she did not understand the reference that was to his ex, Winona Ryder. Depp then slapped her, and Heard shared that she “laughed.”

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