Boss Insists That Employee Was Four Minutes Late Despite The Timestamped Chat To The Contrary

Every workplace has different characteristics. Some offices are exciting places to work at; others seem to be terrible – so much so that the employees just want to quit. More often than not, the difference is a result of the manager who can shape and help make — or break — an employee’s career. Bosses appear in many shapes and forms. If you are lucky, you can work with supportive bosses. On the other hand, if you are unlucky, you have to deal with the micromanager bosses like this person below.

This Redditor shared a screenshot of a virtual interaction they had with their boss who is too free to nitpick everything their employees do. Basically, the worker messaged their boss at 8:29 am, per the timestamp, to say that they were at their desk. Five minutes later, the boss replied, “You are late. Thank you.”, while the working time is 8:30 am. That’s so unreasonable, right. Scroll down to read more and see what other people say about this case.

“Please note the timestamps. Any suggestions on how to deal with this outrageous unfairness?”

Source: KaiaKweenThey clarified that the employee’s day is scheduled to start at 8:30 a.m. as if being a few minutes late is a moral failure or a disaster for the company. The worker, on the other hand, pointed out that they weren’t late at all, and that they have the timestamped chat to prove it – the supervisor just answered late.

“Nope. You messaged me at 8:34 am,” the micromanager answered. “I’m not going to argue.”

The Redditor was seeking advice on how to deal with the case moving forward. And here are others’ thoughts

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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