16 Images Of Brave Women Compare Makeup Done By Them And By Professional, And The Results Will Leave You Amazed

We can’t deny the power of makeup. It can transform a person from ‘Ugly Duckling’ to ‘Swan’ or vice versa. However, putting makeup on isn’t easy. It requires a lot of skills and knowledge about makeup techniques and products. That’s the reason why many women get stuck in finding a makeup style that suits them. And they need advice from professional makeup artists.

Nail artist Julia Ismailova, who is one of the professional makeup artists out there, is willing to help women to find their own style. And she is not the only one who implements the “wow” effect when it comes to the following transformations. After each transformation, she shares the pics that compare ‘before’ – the makeup done by the girls and ‘after’ – the look done by her – the expert. We have collected some of the most impressive ones of her works. Scroll down to check them out. And upvote for your favs.


Source: by_julia_ismailova

“Frankly speaking, there was actually nothing to find fault in: her skin tone was correct and the lipstick was the perfect color. The arrows made the eyes look a bit down, that’s why a soft shading of the upper and lower lids, as well as the elongated shape I used perfectly lifted the outer eye corner.”

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