Cara Delevingne says men don’t have the ‘right tools’ to please women sexually

Cara Delevingne has already shared some pretty bold opinions about intimacy in her BBC documentary, Planet Sex, but her most recent one might be the most controversial…

The six-part series sees the 30-year-old supermodel explore all things sex. From sexual fluidity to the art of orgasm-ing, Delevingne does not leave any stoned unturned.

While a lot of her content involves delving into people’s personal experiences, some conclusions are backed up with scientific evidence as well as statistics.

During one particular episode that discusses the ‘orgasm gap’, which is a term used to refer to the disparity in sexual satisfaction between men and women, Delevingne says that men do not have the “right tools” to pleasure women sexually.

“I do feel that generally men are not equipped with the right tools to be able to handle women, especially sexually,” she says. “For me, the earliest ideas I ever got taught about sex were man plus woman, d*** plus vagina equals orgasm.”

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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