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    10 Most Big Budget TV Series of All Time

    TV shows are considered inexpensive when compared with movies but some of the series have skyrocketed their budget over the years and they have gained the quality of small screen media, series like Game of Thrones are changing the way we think about TV series. Below is the list of most expensive TV series of […] More

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    Do You Know The Fastest Way To Get Out of Solar System?

    Interstellar Travel In “Interstellar”, movie humans travel to different Exo-planets and make a new home for civilization there. A conventional means of fuel is used in the star ship of movie. However, they travel to another star system using a naturally occurring wormhole. Naturally, occurring wormholes are not discovered yet. Scientists are hopeful that we […] More

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    8 Smartphone Hacks That Can Act As A Spy For You

    As the time passes, digital technology becomes more advanced and almost has taken over all world. With your smartphones, you can order food at home by a different app or also find the symptoms of diseases as well. But still, there is a lot of these smartphones that you didn’t know. You should know how […] More