Here Are 9 Celebrities And What They Would Look Like If They Aged Naturally

Botox and cosmetic surgery are popular among the celebrities of Hollywood. It seems that so many people have jumped on this bandwagon that it’s hard to imagine what people would look like without it.

The botox look has become something that many people admire about these Hollywood stars because it seems that some of them haven’t aged a day. It’s amazing to think about the difference that these surgeries can make in the way you look as you age.

We’ve been so accustomed to seeing these older celebrities look like they don’t have one wrinkle and they are just as glowing and flawless as they were in their young days. Sometimes it makes you think “what would they look like if they said no to plastic surgery and botox?”

Well, we have the answer for you. These 9 famous celebrities have a side by side of what they would look like if they aged naturally, without all of the botox and plastic surgery, as well as a photo of them now with the botox and surgeries they’ve had.

Some of these photos might absolutely blow your mind and some of them might not look too different to you. Overall, let’s see if these celebrities chose the right choice by getting surgeries or botox to help their aging, or if they should have just left it up to mother nature to naturally age them.

1. Mickey Rourke


Which do you think looks better?

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