10 Changes in Your Body That Can Reveal a Lot About Your Health

Some health problems can be very sneaky — they may look like something simple and not alarm you enough to feel compelled to check it out, at least in the early stages. Doctors say that the earlier people find out about issues, the easier the treatment will be, and in some cases, early diagnoses may actually save your life.

1. A scalloped tongue

scalloped tongue is when the tongue’s edges look like pie crust. Basically, it means that the tongue is becoming larger than the lower jaw. Unless you had jaw trauma, this condition is normally caused by swelling. The swelling can result from a few things, and some can be easily fixed without visiting a doctor, like, for example, dehydration.

However, if you’re also experiencing other symptoms, like aches, cramps, hair loss, low blood pressure, and bruising, it might be a sign of a thyroid disorder.

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