Chris Rock Destroys Will Smith In New Comedy Special: ‘Everybody Knows His Wife Was F***ing Her Son’s Friend’

Chris Rock has finally addressed what went down last year at Oscars night and this time the comedian decided to not hold back. Talking about the incident of the slap, the comedian made it a point that it was never him that was part of the couple’s relationship but it is their own messed up entanglement that made Smith lash out at the wrong person.

Chris Rock has made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith for interviewing Will Smith about her affair and the comedian for sure did not mince his words.

Everyone was bracing themselves for the comedian’s live stand-up Netflix special, which aired last night (March 4), not least because we all knew he was going to address the whole Oscars slap.

Even though Rock has addressed the incident before, this is the first time he has spoken up about it directly.

And, well, he really didn’t hold back this time.

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