Science Says That Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are Much Happier

Plus-size women have been driven to the side for what men deem the “perfect body” for a long time. Many men have noticed that larger women are less appealing, and they choose to marry slimmer women. According to science, men who pursue smaller women could be losing out on a better life. A man’s happiness may be enhanced by being with a plus-size woman, and he is unaware of it.

Plus-size women have always been portrayed in a negative light. Society has drawn an image of what a woman should look like, and if their bodies don’t match, they are judged. You are considered lazy and unattractive if you are even slightly overweight.

Society, on the other hand, has been proved incorrect. Scientists discovered that men who choose to be with larger women live far more satisfied and content lives than men who choose to be with skinny women.

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