Clint Eastwood had no idea he had a daughter who had been secretly put up for adoption – she found him 30 years later

Clint Eastwood‘s been around for so long that there’s barely an inch of his life that hasn’t been published in one newspaper or another.

A titan of the big screen, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine that the legendary actor is now 92 years old.

Suffice to say that he’s seen and done it all, both in a professional capacity and a private one. Secrets, show-biz drama and salacious scandals, given that Clint has lived for almost 70 years in the searing spotlight, it’s unsurprising that he’s encountered his fair share of controversy.

Yet perhaps the biggest shock of his long life is one that not everyone is clued in on. Indeed, it’s one that the actor himself didn’t know about for a great many years.

When he found out, though, it would change his life in a big way …

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