Cop ditches socks and shoes to rescue terrified dog hidden in dark tunnel

Tiny dog ran under waterway passage after being frightened by car and got stuck in the dark tunnel. She was too scared to move until a cop came to save her.

Officer Joe Brazil is usually available to assist, in fact, he didn’t even hesitate when it came to rescuing a poor dog in need.

Last May 02, 2016, Peggy Edwards shared her story on Facebook and it went viral. The story was heartfelt, and it warmed all our hearts up. Her story was all about an incredibly kind Woonsocket, Rhode Island policeman named Joe. It started when an adorable but nervous little Yorkshire terrier got scared off by a car. And the very first thing the dog did was escape to cover inside a tunnel.

“April 30th, a touch dog was running free and was frightened by a passing car. It saw a tunnel through which a nearby stream passed. She was stuck about 20-25 ft. in and was clinging to the side,” Peggy started telling her story on Facebook. Her instincts told her that she needed to save lots of the small dog but she was hesitant. She was concerned that she might scare the poor dog, and it’d go deeper into the tunnel. That’s when she thought of a thought. She immediately called the Woonsocket Police to invite help, and she or he wasn’t disappointed. After a couple of minutes, Officer Joe Brazil showed up and was quite willing to assist.

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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