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Cure These 10 Diseases By Simply Making Love

Lovemaking is fun but do you know that it’s also has a number of mental and physical health benefits? I can bet on this that only a few people would know about how it cured various health diseases and conditions. It helps to improve digestion, supports heart health, boosts blood circulation and also improves mental health as well.

We have gathered a list of few diseases that can be treated by lovemaking and also cure many health issues.

Relieves headaches


When we do sex, the levels of endorphins and oxytocin in the blood are increased. The body and mind soothe by the hormones, it will relieve the headaches.

Treats the flu


Our immune system boosts and antibody count increases during sex, it helps to prevent the bacterial and viral infections, also treat the flu.

Improves heart function


Your heart function will be improved by doing regular sex and it will also lower the risk of strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

Fights depression


Do you know that sex fights depression? Sex boosts the self-esteem of a person and works as an important antidepressant.

Prevents muscle overload


If your muscles are overloaded or have any joint pain then Sex is the best treatment for this. It prevents muscle overload and relieves muscle as well.

Prevents urine problems


Your pelvic muscles become strong because of sex and it helps to prevent any problem related to urine leakage.

Improves your prostate health

The prostate cancer increases day by day, to prevent this deadly disease regular sex is important and it will also help you to improves the prostate as well.

Treats insomnia


People who find difficult to sleep at night, here is the solution to your problem. Sex improves the sleep and also fight insomnia by relaxes the mind and body.

Decreases the risk of breast cancer

Oxytocin, a hormone produced by the body during sex, and this hormone will help to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Glowing skin


Wow! This one is for ladies, you can have a glowy skin because sex helps to remove a number of toxins.


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