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Did You Know? What Is Inside A Black Hole

Inside Black hole

Black Hole

Black holes are entities in space with great mass. Their gravity of a black hole is so strong that even light cannot escape from it which makes them invisible. They are invisible so are called black holes. However, they can be seen by looking at the brightness produced due to the friction of falling object or light. The size of black hole varies. They could be as small as a single atom or as massive as millions to billions of times our sun. They have a high amount of mass. Their mass is so high that even black hole the size of atom weights as much as a mountain. With great mass comes great gravity.

Event Horizon

The Boundary of a black hole is called event horizon beyond event horizon black hole pulls everything through ward it’s center with enormous force to the point of no return which is also known as the singularity. The process is called spaghettification in which the part of the matter that is closer to the center of the black hole is elongated. For instance, if a person crosses event horizon the part of a person which had crossed the event horizon first would be stretched if its legs first then the stretching will start from toe to head.

The Physics of the Universe

Effects of Black Hole

There are many contradictions regarding what happens inside a black hole. A person might not even survive trip beyond the event horizon, as he/she would be torn into pieces long before even contemplating the situation. Due to the gravitational force of black hole. Moon’s tidal force affects the earth on a large scale. Gravity is affected by distance So, the part of earth closer to the moon is elongated and is affected more by the tidal forces of the moon. The land is solid so the elongation is unnoticeable but water rushes towards the elongated surface of the earth. Anything near a black hole is effected in the same manner.

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Difference between Small and Big Black Holes

If a person ever gets close to a black hole then one must approach a bigger one. A black hole equal to the size of the solar system would be less dangerous than a medium size or small size black hole. As the tidal forces at the event horizon of a smaller black hole are far the way much stronger and unstable than that of the larger black hole, due to which you will not disintegrate and would be able to maintain your structural integrity while circling a larger black hole.

The Conversation

Trip to Black Hole

However if somehow a person survives the trip he/she would be trapped in time. The person would see both future and past because all the laws of physics break inside a black hole. While falling into the black hole if the person looks forward he/she would see all the things fallen into it and if he/she looks backward then he/she would see everything that is ever going to fall into the black hole. In short that person would see the entire history of that spot form the big bang to distant future. There might be a white hole at another side of the black hole. A white hole repels objects instead of attracting it there for a person will be attracted by a black hole and repelled by the white hole into another part of the universe or maybe another universe.

Cosmos Up

A person standing from a safe distance will see the person inside black hole frozen in time. For an external person, time would stop inside a black hole.

Event of Past and Future

So if one wants to see the big bang then all he needs to do is go inside a black hole but reality might be entirely different then speculation and one might never have a chance of sightseeing and would die the moment he/she crosses the event horizon.





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