30 Extremely Crappy Designs That Left Us Shaking Our Heads

When it comes to design, this profession requires aesthetic sense, creativity, specialized skills, and training. Becoming a designer is not as easy as you imagine because if you don’t have those above things, your products might be terrible and ridiculous. You will believe us right after seeing these crappy designs. They can be found everywhere. You probably notice it until someone else points it out. Then, you can’t ignore it.

A subreddit called ‘Crappy Design’ is dedicated to collecting and sharing the most terrible design fails in real life. And we have chosen some of the best, newest, crappy design fails from that community. So, scroll down to check them out. And if you’re considering pursuing a career in design of any kind, might I suggest enrolling in a program that offers it? At least you can determine early on if you’re good at it before you mess up everything.

1. This bad design of spiderman

Source: Krane4

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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