21 Female Instagram Influencers Who Rise Above The Most In 2021

Instagram is one of the largest, most-used, and most successful social media platforms globally, with more than 1 billion active users monthly. It is handy for business owners to market their products to the large audience available on this social media network.

Instagram influencer marketing is one major way brands create awareness for their products. They reach more people and, more importantly, their target audience. They need to find an influencer with a follower base that is interested in their brand and its products.

Many who run online stores basically have prominence on the Gram. Even when they have websites of their own, they draw attention to it via their Instagram page and Instagram influencers. It comes as no surprise that the platform is recognized as a “home to social media influencers.”

The amount of revenue generated from this social media network is shocking, to say the least, and influencers have a strong say in that. Here are 21 influential female Instagram influencers who have risen above others this 2021.

Bella Hadid

With 43.2 million followers presently, this 24-year old Hadid sister is a hot cake Instagram influencer for various brands on the Gram. She has worked on numerous campaigns using her Instagram platform. These include the likes of Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren.

Although her older sister is famous, it has in no way overshadowed hers. Being a model, influencing fashion brands is her niche.

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