Florida Mom Sues School After Being Banned From Volunteering Over OnlyFans

This US mom has filed a lawsuit against her son’s school after she claims that the school won’t let her volunteer only because she is on OnlyFans. The mom says that she feels like she had one little joy in life that has been taken away from her hands for no reason.

A US mom has filed a lawsuit against the school after she was banned from volunteering, allegedly because she has OnlyFans.

Victoria Triece, 31, used to volunteer at her son’s school, Sand Lake Elementary in Orlando, Florida but says the school board will no longer let her do so.

Speaking to WESH, she said: “It’s been extremely difficult. I feel like the one joy in my life, you know, was taken straight from my hands for no actual reason.”

On Tuesday (24 January), she filed a lawsuit against Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), claiming the Sand Lake principal had told her she could ‘no longer be around children on school grounds’.

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