Furious Mom Kills Sleeping Husband By Throwing Boiling Water On Him For Sexually Assaulting Her Children

Corinna Smith killed her sleeping husband after her daughter confided in her that she and her brother were sexually assaulted by Michael Baines when they were kids. Smith’s son passed away in 2007 after he killed himself. Before his death, her son confided in her that he attacked the person who was a pedophile and sexually assaulted him when he was a kid. Joining the dots, Smith decided to take an action and inflict punishment[ on the man herself.

Corinna Smith, 59, killed her sleeping husband, Michael Baines, 80, by pouring boiling water with sugar on him. Reportedly, the incident happened after Smith’s daughter told her that she and her brother were sexually abused by Michael when they were kids.

Livid” and “fuming” Smith boiled up two kettles of water and mixed it with three bags of sugar in a garden bucket. After that, she went downstairs to the bedroom and poured the molten sugar over the sleeping man. The woman was later arrested for her actions and facing life imprisonment.

Image Credit: Cheshire Police

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