Great-grandma celebrates 100th birthday – recalls horse and buggy being her transportation

Being able to witness a birthday of a loved one is always a special occasion. But it is even more special when the birthday is a super special one of a grandparent.

It is so important to remember the stories and experiences of our elders. And this grandma from Oregon has some incredible memories everyone should hear!

Marianne Tormey celebrated her 100th birthday in the midst of all her family and friends. While she had been born in Minnesota, she spent the last 71 years of her life in Oregon!

She grew up in a big family, having five sisters and four brothers. The family lived a peaceful life on a self-sustaining farm. Marianna only spoke German before she went to school in the first grade. Later on, she had to convince her parents to let her complete high school.

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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