Hilaria Baldwin Claims ‘Enemies’ Have Sought to ‘Destroy’ Husband Alec

“This is not a new tactic…it’s as old as history…yet, how easy it is now more than ever to slander people and cherry pick and piece together strands taken out of context, ‘opinions’, or complete fabrications. And how some people believe it or stay silent out of fear,” she continued.

“Alec, how many times we look at each other and say: deep breath, in this together, keep on for the good of what we believe. How many times I’ve experienced people stopping you and thanking you for your philanthropy in the arts, your work with children, fighting for our environment, and yes, we all know: our politics,” she continued.

She then added that people saw how “hard” he fought for what he believed in and even added they were “a good team,” in Spanish.

“Listen to these voices..turn down the volume on the darkness and negativity.”

She also expressed that it hurt her as a wife to see Alec go through those “dark moments,” where she too experienced public backlash.

“I am the one that sees you in your dark moments… the human moments—away from the movie stardom and public figure that people are so quick to elevate or execute.”

“My empathy for your humanity is endless… unfortunately, having experienced the dehumanization myself, (another old tactic to go after the spouse of your enemy)…leads us to the moments when we think: how much more can one body and one mind take before we crumple beneath the psychological torture?” she wrote.

Well, what do you think of Hilaria’s claims?