15 Hilarious First Date That Will Make You Laugh

Dating is hard. There’s so much that goes into finding out if you’re compatible with someone. You have to have the same expectations about where you want your relationship to go. One person might be looking for a serious connection, while the other might be looking to casually break into the dating world again after a divorce.

That’s not even to mention the anxiety over the way you look, how easy it is to talk to one another, and so much more. It’s a long and awkward process and one that most people don’t miss after they’re no longer on the dating scene.

Everyone who’s dated has a couple of awkward stories under their belt. Maybe you spilled wine on your favorite shirt. Maybe your date said something that made it clear from the get-go that it wouldn’t work out. But no matter what you’ve experienced on your worst date, we’re betting it wasn’t anything like these doozies.

These stories include everything from physical wound to creepy comments to finding out that they were related. If you’re single, these will make you cringe. And if you’re in a relationship, they’ll make you breathe a sigh of relief that you’ve left this all behind.

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