How 15 Iconic Singers Changed Over the Years

Just like we don’t notice the subtle changes in ourselves over the years, we also sometimes forget those famous people who used to look completely different 5, 10, or even 15 years ago. And every time period has its own unique style: what clothes were fashionable, what haircut and make-up were considered cool. So it’s really refreshing to look back and remember all the trendy celebrity looks that might seem unusual now, though at that time we really wished we could’ve pulled them off!

Humor LAD has looked at how famous singers’ appearances have changed throughout the years. Let’s see how different they’ve become!

1. Britney Spears

No singing star has modified as a lot as Britney Spears has. Alongside along with her meteoric rise as a pop sensation in 1999 from a baby singer she epitomized teen vogue along with her glowing pores and skin and excellent smile and no-makeup look with pure blonde hair. Then she matured in 2004 to a beautiful woman and by this time was a longtime diva. Right here’s what she is now.

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