Identical Twins Are Trying To Get Pregnant ‘At The Same Time’ From The Same Man

World’s most identical twins are trying to get pregnant ‘at the same time’ with their shared fiancé. the 35-year-old Anna and Lucy DeCinque, from Perth, want to be considered as one person. The twins are featured on TLC reality show, “Extreme Sisters”.

Australia’s most famous identical twins who eat, sleep and shower together with their shared fiancé have now revealed they plan to be pregnant at the ‘same time’. Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 36, from Perth, take their sisterly bond to a whole new level. They dress alike, spend every minute together, and plan to have babies with their partner of nine years, Ben Byrne, 41, at the same time.

Identical twins Anna and Lucy and their boyfriend, Ben.  Instagram/ AnnaLucy DeCinque

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