Instagram Model Deletes Her Account After Receiving Huge Backlash for B***ni Photo She Posted

In 2019, you really can’t get away with being a problematic person. The internet will call you out and cuss you until you deeply regret posting that selfie that exposed your overwhelming sense of ignorance or privilege. I mean, Instagram “influencers” of all people should understand the importance of being socially sensitive, but a whole bunch of these guys doesn’t seem to be aware of this little fact.

We have a recent addition to the list of idiotic influencers on social media and you would not believe what she had the audacity to post. Knowing that I live in a generation in which these are society’s role-models really makes me re-think my entire existence.

Here are a few of the most shocking public scandals to ever grace our screens… or phones… whatever.

Firstly, we have Olivia Jade.

You may remember Olivia from her presence on Instagram or from her YouTube Channel, @OliviaJade, where she would post beauty and lifestyle videos. Or, better yet, you may just know her as Lori Loughlin’s daughter.

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