30 Times Instagrammers Showed Their ‘Real Bodies’ And The Internet Admired The Honesty

The “Instagram Reality” subreddit is popular for sharing people who go overboard with editing photos, but once in a while, it also has examples of people who love their bodies with all their imperfections. The community has over 600K members; it describes social media as a ‘breeding ground for FaceTime and Photoshop and that while it’s unbelievable how some people get away with it, others don’t.

With examples of people who love their bodies, the page indeed proves honesty prevails and among all the depressing news, you can still get rays of sunshine that will motivate you in doing your best. We’ve collated some of the most wholesomely honest photos for YOU. Share with friends especially those who have tendencies to extremely editing their pics, all to live up to every beauty standard.

More info: Reddit.

“The Power Of Make-Up.”


Written by Abid Dharamsey

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