Jeep Owner Who Left Car At Dealership Gets Sued After Employee Dies During Oil Change

A car owner has became the subject of a lawsuit after his vehicle was involved in a deadly accident – and he wasn’t even behind the wheel.

Back in March 2020, a customer – who hasn’t been named – took his car into the Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership to get an oil change.

However, a routine task soon became a nightmare, with one of the dealership’s mechanics losing his life.

A 19-year-old mechanic – who also hasn’t been named – was enlisted to sort the car. In an instant, his colleague Jeffrey Hawkins, a married 42-year-old father of four, was killed.

Attorney David Femminineo told Fox 2: “He starts the car, removes his foot from the clutch, and you know what happens? The Jeep jumps and kills my client.

Written by John

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