Know Their Actual Meanings, 20 Interesting Abbreviations You Use Daily That You Need To Know

Abbreviations like BYE, LOL ROLF are being used by us in our daily life. The meaning of these abbreviations are clear to us and we know what they stand for. But there are many words that you didn’t know what they stand for. Such as you are a fan of BMW cars but only a few of you know what it stands for.

The only advantage of these abbreviations is that save our time but the funny thing is that most of us don’t even know the meaning. I bet can on this that only a few people know what AM/PM stands for. Don’t feel ashamed, I am in this category too.

We are here to present a few abbreviations and their full forms that we used in our daily life. So have a look and increase your knowledge.

Dp stands for display picture.

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