14 Lies That Only Cheaters Are Comfortable In Saying

Cheating can be the most painful and traumatizing experience a person can go through. The experience not only breaks a person but gives them trust issues for life. In this aspect, cheaters can be labeled as most selfish here, who without giving a second thought about their partner, they put them through emotional hell only because of their incompetency.

Because of their manipulating behavior, cheaters are also good at feeding lies to their partners and thus, emotionally abusing them. So here are some of the lies that one will commonly hear from a cheater’s mouth and beware do not trust them!

1. They promise that they will change

They will promise you that they will change their ways. They will somehow convince you that they cheated because of a momentary lapse of judgment and you are the only one for them. Do not fall for these sugar-coated lies!

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