Love Defined: This young at heart couple show how to love beyond limitations

How would you define love? Have you become disillusioned?  Does the marketplace approach to love in this digital age make you feel as though it has become a commodity to be traded or played out for the best outcome? Has it all become a game of chess, with the winner capturing the most hearts and status? Does the proliferation of what is being sold as the symbolism for the most desirable attributes of sexuality overwhelm your core values and romantic nature? Have the most admirable qualities in men and woman become their body parts? I mean, “It’s all about the bass,” right?

Well, let me share a story that will restore your faith in love being about the heart. This is a story as pure and sweet as real love is supposed to be, and can still be for those who choose to believe in it.

It is the story of a beautiful, fresh-faced girl named Emily and the boy who would show her that it was worth her trusting in him with her body, her life and her most valuable gift-her innocence.

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