Mom Cuts Communication With Daughter After She Said No, “For Once”

We will always be our parent’s children. Even if you turn the world upside down, this will always remain a fact.

They raised and guided us for so long until they see us stand on our own feet, but that does not mean they are in charge of our lives. Yes, we owe our parents, but they can never control us forever.

Reddit user u/ClumsyYeti‘s story perfectly depicts this. This 30-year-old lady who suffered from anxiety and depression has stayed for long with her parents.

When she finally got her job, she rented a “dump” room for a few months in a different town but transferred to another place closer to work. Her parents drove some of her stuff to her new apartment.

She refused to move the furniture to the spot her mom suggested, and her mom began throwing tantrums. She criticized her for leaving the toothbrush in a cup (in the bathroom) and called a “pig” who nears eviction.

Her parents have been fighting in front of her door. Her mom even tried to smoke (she said no to this), which is among the prohibitions listed in the contract.

That’s when the mom began to cut communications with her. Check what advice the community has given her.

Here is what she posted on Reddit:

via: ClumsyYeti

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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