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Most Hidden Secrets Of Area 51 Revealed!


Area 51 is located in middle of Nevada desert which is connected to the country by an unknown road that leads to Area 51.The origin of Area 51 name is unclear. The base itself is not very well protected only hops of fence marks its boundary. Which will make one think that how come such an important base would be left unprotected? but actually the base is the most protected base of America as every part of the base is closely monitored by camera or some sources say even by sensors.The amount of information that the United States is willing to provide about the base is minimal.


The important factor is what lies inside the base. Over the years, people have led to wild speculation. The most important of this speculation is that Area 51 is constantly visited by aliens and It is even said that there are aliens inside the base.

Below are the 10 Facts about Area 51

10. Groom Lake

Groom Lake is located in Nevada desert and it was one of main source for silver and lead mining. The Groom Lake is salt flat, which was used for runway Nellie Bombing Range Test Site airport. The salt flat is located inside Area 51.


9. U2 Program

The Groom Lake test facility was established by CIA to develop Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. All the testing of aircraft were conducted inside Area 51 on the airstrip of Groom Lake. According to the designer of aircraft, the lakebed seemed perfect location for testing and developing the high altitude aircraft. Most of the speculation about aliens rose due to the spotting of this high altitude planes.


8. Foreign technology testing

The planes and technology of America’s rival country USSR was evaluated inside Area 51. During the cold war, America tested many Soviet aircrafts. So that the countermeasures could be taken against them. The planes would be pitted against American aircrafts in order to know the abilities of Soviet aircrafts. The aircrafts were given to America by Israel without the knowledge of Soviet Union.

Area 51 Special Projects

7. F117 program

Lockheed blue was the prototype stealth fighter, which first flew on Groom in 1977 the plane, was latterly developed and was named F117. It was the first stealth fighter and made quite a stir among public due to its stealth properties, shape, and high altitude flight. Due to the strangeness of the plane, many people speculated that it was an alien plane.


6. Environmental Law Suit

Area 51 has been sued by lawsuit for openly burning toxic material inside the premises. The accusers claimed that due to their exposure to toxic chemicals the alleged claimed that they have sustained liver respiratory and skin injury due to their work at Groom. The accusers were either directly affected or their family members were affected.


5. Satellite imagery

The images taken from satellite shows that the F16 fighter jets are stationed on the base along with many other aircrafts. These images show how the base is used and what purposes does the base have. It clears the speculation of extra-terrestrial beings.


4. Moon landing Hoax

The moon land conspiracy theory states that the event of the moon landing is a hoax. The experts suggest that the moon landing was filmed in Area 51. The speculation led to the conclusion that one of the hanger was used to film the event.

Daily Star

3. Project OXCART

Project OXCART was established in 1959 for anti-radar, aerodynamics and engineering designs. All of the research was done to create the aircraft, which would latterly be known as Lockheed A-12. The aircraft was assembled there and it took the first flight in April 1962.

Area 51 Special Projects

2. Alien Technology Reverse Engineering

According to one Conspiracy theory it is speculated that alien technology is being reversed engineered in Area 51. The theory also states that experiments are performed on both dead and living aliens. The Theory also suggest that the aircrafts manufactured there are the result alien technology being reverse engineered so they appear outwardly. This theory was also featured in the movie “Independence Day”


1. Advanced technology theory

Some Conspiracy theory suggests that the advanced technology is being developed in Area 51. The common speculation is that energy weapons are being developed. While other suggests that weather control mechanism is being developed some theories even suggest that the experiment on time travel and teleportation  is being conducted in the base.



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