‘Paralyzed Bride’ Welcomes a Baby

Photo: Helen Joy Photography)

The 7-pound, 11-ounce bundle of joy is, after all, as miraculous as the Raleigh, North Carolinian’s transformation, from injury victim to motivational speaker, wheelchair rugby player, and now doting mom. When she broke her neck that fateful day Chapman blogged, “The very first question I asked was, ‘Will I be able to have children?’ The answer was yes. And though I lay there motionless I was comforted knowing my dream of having kids was still a possibility.”

The trick was finding a surrogate “who realizes that I won’t need my legs to be a good mom,” she wrote, adding. “I won’t allow this injury to take something so important away from me.”

Enter a college acquaintance, Asheville, North Carolina stay-at-home mom Laurel Humes, who read about the couple’s surrogate search on Chapman’s blog and volunteered for the honor.

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