Parents Refuse To Pay For Daughter’s College After Finding Out How Much She Makes On OnlyFans

A woman asked on Reddit’s AITA thread if she’s a jerk for refusing to pay her daughter’s college tuition after finding out that she’s been earning $5k per month from OnlyFans. She’s been going through financial struggles and Reddit users were there to offer her moral support.

Most parents do all they can to support their kids and bring them up in the best way possible. They cut down their spending to save up for the kid’s future, but then life happens. It’s really heartbreaking to see the kids entitled and unsupportive when parents are in need. One such story was shared by Redditor ‘AdAlarmed7261’ who clashed with her daughter over this issue, so she turned to the subReddit “Am I the A**hole” (AITA) to see if she was in the wrong.

OP told a bit about her family background that they have open communication and are supportive of each other’s choices. So her daughter Jess who’s a junior in college started an OnlyFans during Covid quarantine, and OP despite her worry trusted her choice.

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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