Parents refuse to terminate the pregnancy with the “malformed” baby

There is nothing more exciting and more fulfilling for a couple than the bundle of joy bound to make all their tomorrows shine a bit brighter.

When Sara Heller and her husband learned they were expecting a baby, they were over the moon. They couldn’t wait to welcome the little miracle in their lives.

However, when Sara was just 24 weeks pregnant, the doctors told her how her child will be born with a facial deformation. That crushed the parents-to-be but never changed the way they felt for their child.

The two were ready to do everything in their power to provide him with all the love, affection, and support in the world.

The ultrasound showed Brody had a bilateral cleft lip and palate. During the first 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy the bones of the upper jaw of the fetus come together in order to form the roof of the mouth and the upper lip. When the tissue doesn’t fuse, a cleft palate happens.

Very often, this condition triggers other health issues at the baby, although nowadays it is operable without further affecting the quality of life.

Source: Instagram/Sara Heller

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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