People Get Funny Accidents When Trying To Color Their Hair At Home

Besides changing hairstyle to get a new look, dying your hair also bring you a totally fresher appearance. However, it’s quite expensive to have your hair dyed at a beauty salon, so many people decide to color their hair at home, or maybe they just want to challenge themselves a little bit. Well, it turns out hair dying is not easy as they may think. And they end up getting themselves in half crying, half laughing situations.

If you are planning to dye your hair by yourself, just be mindful of wearing gloves, checking for allergens, and carefully following the instructions. Don’t be like the people in this post, they absolutely made a mess while trying to dye their hair. Apart from covering themselves from top to toe with color like a clown, some of them got really bad allergic reactions. After all, to be honest, these accidents are just so hilarious. Check them out for a giggle.

1. What My Hair Looked Like – What I Asked For – And How It Turned Out

Image source: carli_snyder

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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