Pictures That Will Make You Ask ‘What Is Wrong With These People?’

There are a lot of awkward moments that happened in 2018. It seemed to be a year filled to the brim with cringe-worthy stories that were so horrifying that you could not look away from them. So, in order to send out the year properly, I have gathered some of these moments right here. These tweets and snaps and Facebook posts highlight the worst, most embarrassing things human beings are capable of doing.

I am talking sucking on your dentist’s finger, using the handicap stall in the bathroom when there is an actual person using a wheelchair waiting for it, giving your phone number to a cashier who was just asking for it in case you wanted to partake in the store’s rewards program, and oh so much worse. These are the most cringe-worthy things that have ever happened to anybody. Just be glad that none of these things happened to you.

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