Prince Harry Comforted by Airport Worker as he Becomes First Royal to Leave Balmoral

Prince Harry arrived at Balmoral to be with his family shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth, and now he’s traveling back to be with Meghan.

The Prince arrived at Balmoral alone yesterday and tragically missed out on seeing his grandmother for the final time.

He was spotted being comforted by an airport worker before he left Scotland this morning.

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In recent years, people have been, understandably, more concerned for the Queen.

Losing a partner of more than seventy years must have been horrific. And right after that, she was struck with another painful blow just a few months later.

At the time, according to friends, the Queen was using her dogs to help cope with the grief of losing Philip…

The Queen was known for being a true animal lover, with one animal, in particular, that’s always been associated with HRH.

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