Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing After Elephant Interrupts His News Segment

Spreading the word about protecting Africa’s imperiled elephants is no laughing matter — well, except when it is.

Just ask journalist Alvin Kaunda.

The other day, Kaunda was filming a segment for KBC News at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a rescue and rehabilitation center for orphaned animals in Kenya, when things took an unexpected turn.

While delivering a rather somber message about the threats faced by elephants and other wildlife, Kaunda stood flanked by several young residents of the Trust — but they had no intention of merely looking cute in the background.

Though Kaunda did his best to keep composed as the elephants jostled around him, it soon became impossible for him to keep a straight face:

Faced with that adorable interruption, Kaunda couldn’t help but burst out into laughter.

What he might have gone on to say is that the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has successfully raised over 300 orphaned elephants, or that they are dedicated to protecting those in the wild through operations to combat poaching.

Kaunda also might have added there are ways for people to help.

He was prevented from speaking further, however — though seeing the elephants’ adorable antics offers yet another reason why they’re so worth protecting.

Written by Abid Dharamsey

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